Media Premium Number focuses on providing its client with domestic and international premium rate numbers that are ideal for them to use for branching out their business and appealing to a larger crowd.

Premium rate services are such facilities that you avail by paying from your phone bill or credit. Voting for a contestant in a TV show, subscribing to your daily horoscope and performing in-app purchases are all examples of such services.
Service providers can offer a wide range of legal services to their callers, ranging from entertainment activities to quizzes and competitions. Rather than sticking to normal texts updates, you can branch out your idea by using Fax machines, emails and the internet to get in touch with your client. Your services can include:
  • Live Chat
  • Voting
  • Weather Forecast
  • Sports Updates
  • Love Stories
  • Horoscope
  • Directory Enquiries
  • Free Conferencing Platform
  • Traffic Security & Many more
Different countries have different levels of access to solutions. We aim to address every need so we are continually offering new terminations and striking deals with international transit carriers to improve access to our solutions.
Yes. We provide every client with an individual online portal showing all numbers allocated to them, historical statistics, real time and live statistics showing every call that we can see.
We certainly are. We appreciate that your business runs 24/7 so we aim to be as available and give you the best service via email, skype call or phone call.

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