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Media Premium Number has been established with the aim of allowing you to acquire both domestic and international premium rate numbers all in one place. Regardless of where you are residing in the world or regardless of where your business is situated at, you can expect that you can rely on our premium rate numbers to help you maximize the earnings that you can get from your business.

We are operating in the telecommunication business, mainly involved in wholesale and retail voice termination and origination services across the planet.We are primary voice carrier of International premium rate numbers with many years experience in IPRN business, offering IPRN from over 50 destinations.

We provides you exclusive direct interconnected terminations in many countries. We can offer many different ranges with high reachability and favorable payouts. With our dedication to help you to the best that we can, we have also exerted an effort just so we would be able to provide you a wide range of benefits through the use of our premium numbers.
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About IPRN

IPRN(International Premium Rate Numbers) is one of the world’s largest and well established independent agency networks.IPRN offers immediate billing and real time confirmation of the payment process. Due to payment speed, the IPRN are widely used for payments occurring on the internet or mobile devices.

Generally IPRN is a value added services product comparable to a national premium rate number. The great difference is that this product can be sold internationally and used in countries where value added service numbers are not available.A Premium Rate Number, is a phone number which usually sustain a higher caller cost than a regular landline or fixed number.

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We provides you exclusive direct interconnected terminations in many countries. We belive in quality product & here are some of our skills:

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